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Architectural cleaning services are provided for older & listed / historic / ecclesiastical / church buildings, sculptures / statues & monuments - all types of structures.

We try to adopt a Chemical Free Philosophy throughout our business wherever possible, and use specialist equipment to carefully clean the stonework, removing harmful bird droppings and organic growth.

We will survey the job and advise you, before providing a quote for the work - all with no obligation whatsoever.


St. Johns Church - Removing bird droppings from around the windows (working closely with esteemed local stained glass artist, Mark Harvey).

Gleaming stonework and stained glass windows after specialist cleaning of bird droppings Closer view of the window after cleaning
Cleaning church exterior stonework, removing bird droppings - working closely with esteemed local stained glass artist, Mark Harvey
above: The church front after cleaning   above: During the cleaning process
Close-up of cleaned section shown in wider view, right - years of grime and organic growth are carefully removed to reveal the original tiles below The dramatic difference after church roof tiles are cleaned is shown very clearly here
above: Close-up on cleaned roof section above: During the roof cleaning process

Years of accumulated grime from traffic, the elements and organic growth can all be cleaned carefully away from roof tiles and stonework (see photos, left).


look - Chemical Free where possible.
NO harmful or toxic by-products.
Serving Domestic and Commercial Clients. No job too large or too small!
Yes we CAN help you .. YES! We can help you - Please contact Pactek with all enquiries.
We work all hours and can be with you quickly in an emergency situation.

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