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Organic Solutions for Land and Water Bio Remediation.

We will survey the extent of the problem and advise you, and provide a (no obligation) quote for the ongoing work. We use specialist organic solutions to restore the land / water to a safe level.


1100 litres of heating oil leaked out of the bund onto the tarmac drive after thieves stole the outlet copper pipe.
The images show the concrete bund just after cleaning (below) and the driveway during the cleaning process (right).

Oil spill problem

We use enzyme (bacteria) based products to digest and neutralise the harmful hydrocarbons, and these bio remediation products have been tested by the UK Environment Agency and found to contain NO harmful or toxic by-products.

Bio remediation of oil contaminated land can also be undertaken.

  Driveway during oil spill cleaning process

Serving Commercial and Domestic Clients.

Yes we CAN help you .. YES! We can help you - Please contact Pactek with all enquiries.
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