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Removal of old paint from brickwork, listed buildings / heritage sites and more.

We will survey the job, advise you and provide a quote for the work (no obligation!) - With our experience in this field, REST ASSURED we WILL solve your problem.

Before removal of paintwork Paint removal in progress These listed cottages (shown left) - part of an English Heritage site - had a problem in that some tenants had painted the brickwork outside.

By using our specialist service the coatings were successfully removed, revealing the cottages former beauty.

above: Before start of paint removal above: During the process - Already a vast difference!

This listed property (shown, right) needed paint removed - as well as the organic matter which was eating into the stonework.

Being sandstone, we used specialist low pressure soda blasting equipment and - as you can see from the photos - the stonework is undamaged and the building is now restored to it's beautiful, original condition.

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Before removal of paint and organic matter Building now restored to original beauty
above: Before start of paint & plant removal above: After - Beautiful original stonework
During paintwork removal work

Soda Blasting and Archifine Blasting Services for Specialist Paint Removal - for both Domestic and Commercial Clients.

No job too large or too small!

[See also Architectural Cleaning]

Yes we CAN help you .. YES! We can help you - Please contact Pactek with all enquiries.
We work all hours and can be with you quickly in an emergency situation.
above: Close up shot - During paint removal
(section shown is above the door)

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